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Nova Scotia Smaller than expected Aides: Purchasing a Home in Nova Scotia from Abroad

Rising costs in European nations are making would be ‘downshifters’ look further away from home to begin their new lives. Necessities for less expensive lodging and land to begin their new lives home loan free have made many go to country Canada particularly the Atlantic Regions where an unassuming home with a couple of sections of land may cost you as meager as 17k in sterling.

Purchasing a home in Nova Scotia, either for venture, occasions or inevitable lasting residency is a straightforward procedure regardless of whether you live abroad and are not Canadian….we did only that in 2004, for the most part by email from the UK and were enjoyably shocked exactly how simple the procedure was.

Before I begin to clarify the procedure it possibly worth explaining a couple of focuses and address some normally posed inquiries…

Are there any various principles for non-occupants purchasing property in Canada? No……its the very same procedure for a Canadian, Nova Scotian or occupant of another nation. Be that as it may, similar to the assessment laws in the UK, if this is your subsequent home or even your lone home and you are not an occupant of Canada for duty purposes when you sell the property, you will be exhausted on the benefit you make on the deal. Check with your regions charge office. It is additionally significant that in spite of the fact that there is no confinement on the measure of land you can buy in Nova Scotia, as a non-inhabitant, there are a few limitations in different areas: Saskatchewan for example constrains the measure of land to close to 10 sections of land.

Would i be able to live in Canada once I have purchased my home? No….not for all time. Canada is such an excellent nation and Nova Scotia such an exquisite area, that numerous individuals purchase second homes or lodges here. You can remain in Canada on vacation for up to a multi month stretch (recall you are not permitted to work in the nation or territory without a work grant). Individuals who spend their summers here or even a half year of the year (less a day) are known as occasional occupants.

Is there in any case I can make Canada my home incidentally or for all time? Yes…..many individuals go to the area to examine or gain proficiency with another exchange, maybe to set themselves up for changeless migration and even to help their focuses. Other individuals get a HRDC endorsed line of work and can work numerous years in Canada even while their migration procedure is in progress. Selling up in the UK, purchasing a home in Canada and moving around here on work or study grants is unsafe while anticipating lasting residency. There is no assurance that perpetual residency will be in all actuality, notwithstanding, this is a hazard many are happy to take instead of sitting tight 3 or 4 years for handling. No one but you can weigh up the upsides and downsides and settle on that choice. For full subtleties of the changeless migration procedure go to

A short manual for house purchasing the procedure

So you’ve been glancing through the Canadian ‘Numerous Posting Framework’ at and seen a few homes you truly like the vibe of . The subsequent stage is to cause an enquiry about the property and you to do this by reaching the ‘Real estate professional’ whose name shows up on the posting. We have seen real estate professionals in Nova Scotia as refreshingly accommodating. Our real estate professional more likely than not went through hours addressing our inquiries by email and sending us photographs she unquestionably went a long ways past the obligation at hand however as potential purchasers who didn’t generally have any thought of the house acquiring process in Canada we were amazingly appreciative. It truly made all the distinction!

Real estate professional represents the two gatherings

After much research, numerous photographs and many, numerous inquiries we believed we truly needed to place in an idea on the house we had been examining. We had been made mindful that we could ask ourrealtor to deal with our benefit by going into a constrained double organization relationship (this administration given by real estate agents is allowed to the purchaser ). Fundamentally this implies the real estate agent acts unbiasedly for both the vender and purchaser and you consent to an arrangement with the real estate agent. The following stage was for us to make an offer. Our offer was somewhat exceptional in light of the fact that it contained a condition that enabled us to turn out to Nova Scotia inside 14 days to see the house so the offer was dependent upon an acceptable survey of the property and home review.

Home Investigation

The home investigation should be possible within the sight of the purchaser and regularly is a careful general report which takes around two hours to finish. A couple of days after the fact we got a nitty gritty report through email and after seven days a similar report introduced pleasantly in a document for our records. This gave us a great thought of the state of the house and what potential changes that would should be made later on.


When the home assessment has been finished and the offer acknowledged then every one of the subtleties are passed to a nearby specialist. The house acquiring procedure and legalities are snappier to close (total) here in Nova Scotia and for our situation only a month later everything was marked and fixed after all the legitimate title checks and sheriffs authentication and so forth. Your specialist ought to have the option to prompt you and send all documentation by email or fax to you which you at that point can sign and restore a similar way. Indeed following the end of the deal we were sent a pleasantly given document every one of the archives marked for our records.

Installment for house and for administrations

During your visit to Nova Scotia it is suggested that you set up a non-inhabitants financial balance with a notable bank. You have to pre-book your arrangement and you will need types of recognizable proof, for example, identification, birth authentication …the bank will prompt you. The procedure is brisk and you are quickly given an ‘instabank’ card which you can utilize promptly in most ATM’s (cashpoint machines) and in stores where you can pay for products with your card by composing in your stick number on the keypad gave. A few checks are likewise given to you use until your legitimate check book shows up. Setting up a Canadian financial balance was helpful as we had the option to move single amounts of cash through our UK bank.

To a limited extent 2 I talk about setting up administrations and protections and the costs in question

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Home of the ‘Nova Scotia’ little aides!

Moving to Nova Scotia from the UK in 2004 albeit energizing and an incredible experience has been an exceptionally steep expectation to learn and adapt. Each progression en route from house acquiring to banking, protections, culture, schools, atmosphere and regular daily existence have been recorded in a progression of ‘Nova Scotia Scaled down Aides’ which I expectation will help other people wishing to move to this excellent area.

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